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The 400 Most Frequently Occuring Hebrew Words

Number 8

The next word is really a series of words built on the letters:
ב = Beyt
and נ = Nun - nun is pronounced like the English "noon" which rhymes with "moon"

The letter Nun has a final (end of word) form that looks like this: ן = Final Nun

Number 7 is all about Son's and Children

--- = ben = son

"ben", in it's various forms, occurs 4,906 times in the Tanach.

Here are some forms of "ben" :

--- = be-no = his son

--- = ba-nym = sons (more than one)

--- = b'-ney = children (of Israel)

Here's something neat about Hebrew. A related verb is בנה = ba-nah = to build.

Hebrew is mostly built from 3 Letter Root Words which are called "Shoresh". Words which share the same "Shoresh" have some idea or action in common.

Because families of words are clearly related by the 3 Letter Root (Shoresh) they share, these many word relationships are completely lost when Hebrew is translated.

As we go down the 400 list, I will show you many examples Root Word relationships

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