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The 400 Most Frequently Occuring Hebrew Words

Number 6

This is our first VERB, and as everyone who has learned a foreign language knows, verbs are a lot more difficult than other words.


"amar" occurs 5,308 times in the Tanach.

The mark below the Alef א is the Hebrew vowel point QAMETS - it gives the Alef an "aw" sound. QAMETS is written in English as A.

The mark below the Mem מ is the Hebrew vowel point PATACH - it gives the Mem an "aw" sound. PATACH is written in English as A.

ר this is the letter RESH it's sound is "R".

אמר - Amar is a verb - to say

All Hebrew verbs have many different conjegations. The following is not all of them by a long shot, but it will give you an idea of what AMAR looks like in action.

--- a-mar-ti - I have said

= --- o-mar - I will say

= --- a-mar-ta - you (male) have said

= --- to-mar - you (male) will say

= --- yo-mar - he will say

= --- a-mar-nu - we said

= --- am-ru - they said

= --- va-yo-mer - And God said let there be light.

"And he said" in Hebrew is va-yo-mer.

Look it's our friend the letter VAV - ו - in front of a word. Remember vav means "and" in English.

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